Developing a future for the children living in
informal settlements in Philippi, Cape Town. 

About us

Youth Aid Project

Youth Aid Project is an NGO focussing on improving the lives of the children in the informal settlements of the Philippi Horticultiral Area (PHA) in Cape Town. 

The PHA houses 21 informal settlements with tens of thousands of inhabitants. Most of these people cope with the many problems that poverty brings.  

Sadly, the development of the children suffers from these problems. Youth Aid projects aims to make sure as many children as possible are given the opportunities they deserve to develop a bright future for themselves.

Our Objectives


Empower youth to become self-reliant and pro-active in development, government and societal issues that have bearing to their current development.


Make youth aware of current resources available to them and to make meaningful use of it to enhance their intellectual skills.


Provide youth with experiences that show them what opportunities are available for them in their lives. 

Our Projects

Photography Club

Educating youth to release their creative output using modern day technology.

The Photography Club is a group of youth that goes on excursion throughout Cape Town to take pictures using the several camera's they have access to.

Computer Classes

Teaching the youth computer skills that they might be relevant in their future careers.

Computer classes are given in Egoli using the Windows laptops and wifi that we have available there. These facilities are held available to use during the week should the youth want to put their skills into practice. 

Breakfast Before School

Making sure all school going kids have a full belly in the morning to allow them to use their full capacity during their studies.


Every child deserves to have had enough food before going to school. We, with the help of farmers from around the area, will provide the school going children with a breakfast to start the day well.

Our Team

David Ruiters




Joran Woltman



Egoli Informal Settlement, Boundry Road,  Philippi, Cape Town, 7941

+27 664156901